Passive Fire Protection

Maintaining structural integrity in the face of heat exposure

Fire is a major threat and KAEFER is at the forefront of the development and implementation of advanced passive fire protection systems. These systems are designed to provide maximum safety by protecting people from fire hazards in industrial plants, large buildings, ships, offshore platforms, and tunnels.

KAEFER’s approach ranges from the distribution of products to the creation of bespoke fire protection solutions, including comprehensive design, development and extensive fire testing to certify these systems. With its extensive experience and expertise, KAEFER is adept at mitigating the risks associated with fire.

We install and maintain:

  • Penetration sealing of pipes and cables
  • Fire load encapsulation / function of cables
  • Cladding for air ducts and support rails
  • Fire protection coatings, enclosures, facades and windows
  • Fire protection of vessels against specific fire curves up to jet fire insulation
  • Fire-protection concepts and advice
  • Composite systems with excellent fire-protection properties
ENERGY Fire cover Boxes

ENERGY Fire cover Boxes

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a flammable cryogenic liquid, which can lead to jet fires. To improve safety on LNG vessels, insulation for valves and flanges is essential to protect against jet fires and cryogenic spills. ENERGY Cryocover ™, a tested and certified solution, provides protection against these hazards while maintaining integrity over a range of temperatures. ENERGY Fireboard® is a flexible epoxy-based precast fire protection board used in ENERGY Firecover® and ENERGY Fireshield® to insulate vessels, pipes, and equipment. This intumescent product expands significantly at high temperatures. KAEFER focuses on innovation in passive fire protection, prioritising the safety of facilities and people.

ENERGY Cryocover
ENERGY Fireboard
Intumescent Fire Proofing