Middle East Management

Ramneek Datt

CEO & Regional Director (Middle East)

Ramneek Datt has been CEO & Regional Director of KAEFER in Middle East since 2009. He has been with KAEFER since 1994,and since then, transforming the company from a modest team of 175 to a strength of over 7000 personnel. This impressive growth has established KAEFER as a market leader in the Middle East region.

His role involves strategic development, implementing standards and systems, promoting regional activities, and overseeing major projects.

The Managing Directors and Regional Finance Officer of KAEFER Middle East report directly to the CEO.

Under his exceptional leadership and vision, KAEFER Middle East’s portfolio continues to grow. His focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence has been instrumental in driving the company’s success.

Alexander Werle

Regional Finance Officer

Alexander Werle is an integral part of the KAEFER team since 2018. Starting his journey at our Headquarters in Bremen as Executive Assistant to the Co-CEO and Corporate Controller, he transitioned to the Middle East in 2021, taking on the role of the Regional Finance and Compliance Officer.

He is responsible for managing financial performance, evaluating investment opportunities and optimizing back-office processes in our Middle East entities. He is the direct point of contact for our Finance Heads and Regional IT in the Middle East. Additionally, he oversees Project Control, Tax, Legal, Compliance and ESG in our Middle Eastern business units.

Sanjay Kumar

Managing Director (UAE & QATAR)

Sanjay Kumar is the Managing Director of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar. He has more than 25 years of industry experience, including more than two decades at KAEFER.

His leadership extends to sustaining the company’s mission and long-term goals by fostering operational excellence and integrating his strategic vision into day-to-day operations in UAE and Qatar.

He reports to the CEO & Regional Director of KAEFER Middle East.

Rajan Nair

Managing Director (SAUDI ARABIA & BAHRAIN)

Rajan Nair is managing director for KAEFER Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and has held this position since March 2009. He joined KAEFER in 2002 to look after the Sales and Business Development function for KAEFER Bahrain and Qatar Operations.

Rajan is currently responsible for the strategic, operational management, and sustainable growth of KAEFER Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. He reports to the Regional Director and CEO of KAEFER Middle East.

Priyank Davies

Asst. General manager (OMAN & KUWAIT)

Priyank Davies, as Assistant General Manager of Oman and Kuwait, brings over 15 years of industry expertise, primarily gained at KAEFER. Priyank Davies began his career in Estimation in Saudi Arabia, later transitioning to Saudi Operations and eventually moving to Oman. His leadership shapes strategic direction and oversees daily operations.

Reporting directly to the CEO & Regional Director of KAEFER Middle East, he ensures alignment with company objectives while fostering growth and innovation.

Amar Deshmukh - General Manager (UAE)
Divakaran Kollon - Director Operations (Qatar)
Gireesh Manhachery - General Manager (Saudi Arabia)
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