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Lean Principles @ KAEFER – ME

Focus on Priorities

Construction industry is in a tight situation because of
a. Reduced oil price which has put brakes on Projects  
b. Reduced margins & tough competitions.

In the above scenario, Implementing Lean alone can help us to overcome the hurdles, stay in the market & provide meaningful, cost effective services to our clients.

As we all know, Lean is all about
a. Identify and eliminate wastes (in all forms)
b. Improve the processes continuously
And inculcate the above as a culture amongst our employees.

In order to maximise the benefits amid limited resources, we focus on priorities which include
a. Identifying the major costs (be it Material or Site Establishment or Labour) &
b. Acting on those cost centres by applying Lean Principles

In order to ensure the above, KAEFER – ME is committed to
a. Document the Improvements (Kaizens) & ensure the implementation in all projects
b. Develop SOPs to standardise the processes

No stone will be left unturned to ensure the successful Implementation of Lean so that KAEFER can stand out against the present tight & tough market conditions.

Ravi Subramaniya

Ravi Subramaniya

Regional Lean Leader \ Middle East

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